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Deshara and her associates are committed to your bespoke therapy journey to encourage growth, change and clarity.

A warm welcome to My Life Counselling UK. Our team of Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Cognitive Behavioural Therapists (CBT) incorporates a variety of skills and expertise from our therapists specialising in various modalities. Our practice manager has a vision to provide professional and flexible therapy with no limited number of sessions provided to our clients. My Life Counselling UK caters for Adults, Children and Couples, our aim is to provide the best therapy from our carefully selected, warm and highly skilled qualified therapists. You may find yourself feeling stuck, and unable to identify what it is you are struggling with. Counselling can help you discover a new path, provide you with a safe and confidential space for your own self-discovery to fulfilment, happiness, success, and growth.

We use a range of therapeutic practices dependant on the patient and their desired outcomes. The therapeutic relationship is patient centred, focusing on positive outcomes and solutions.

All our therapists are committed to providing the best treatment options using a holistic approach and therefore do not limit ourselves and skills to create the best therapy treatment plan to each individual client.

Deshara offers pre-operative counselling assessments and sessions for Cosmetic Surgery companies nationwide on behalf of the surgeon. There are many patient benefits for a pre-operative counselling session, this includes coping skills, CBT, discussing thoroughly your motivation behind the elective cosmetic procedure, lifestyle changes that can improve the outcome, managing post-surgery blues and a treatment plan before the surgery.

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Deshara is incredible! She’s so genuine and caring. She’s the only person I can be genuinely open and honest with – she makes every moment feel so safe. I’d recommend 100% and can’t wait to see her again!

Deshara is the first therapist I have been to that has made me feel comfortable and safe. The best counselling I’ve had. The difficulties she has helped me overcome are things I would never thought I would move past. For that I would always be grateful. I’d recommend her to anyone as she is excellent at what she does – very approachable!

I’ve been having counselling with Deshara for nearly a year now, and I cannot express how much she has helped me through my anxiety, depression and self confidence. My parents even say that I seem like a different person! Deshara is a wonderful and caring person and she is so patient and understanding. I feel comfortable, safe and relaxed each session. Going to counselling doesn’t seem like a chore, and I’m looking foward to my next sessions with her! I can’t thank her enough

Always a great experience with Deshara. She’s really professional, caring and supportive. Would highly recommend to anyone!

I began counselling sessions with Deshara after suffering from extreme stress and anxiety at work and in my home life. The stress and anxiety had got to the stage where I did not even want to leave the house. Deshara helped me identify where the problem had originally stemmed from and how it was being maintained, why the problems were happening, and gave me the tools I needed to recover from my issues.

I am now back at work and am better equipped to deal with work/life balance in general. I regard the counselling I received from Deshara to be the main reason that I am now feeling better than ever and mentally stronger.

Thank you Deshara for your immeasurable support.