Treatment for Stress
8 -10 sessions (can vary)
Managing Time and Tasks
Changing Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours
Solution Focused

What is Stress?

Almost everyone at some point experiences stress in their lives. This could be at work, studying, or a circumstantial situation. However, high pressure and prolonged stress to the body can lead to physical sensations such as headaches, pains and overall has a negative impact on health.

Managing stress and your reaction to situations can quickly reduce the amount of stress cultivated from your reactions and responses to situations and people.

The use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can develop coping strategies and tailored plans to overcoming and reducing stress.

To Treat

Aches and Pains – Anger- Exhaustion – Sleeping – Chest Pain – Muscle Pain or Tense Jaw – Anxiety – Irritability – Panic Attacks – Low Mood – Organisation – Weak Immune System