Low Self-Esteem and Confidence

Treatment for Low Self Esteem & Confidence
8 -20 sessions (can vary)
Solution Focused
Deeper Understanding of Self Awareness
Change Thought Patterns and Behaviours
Boost Confidence
Finding Your Identity

What is Self-Esteem and Confidence?

Self-Esteem is the opinion we have on ourselves. If this is negative, it can impact us and how we view the world, this can become negative. Overtime this can affect how you interact with people and the world as you may not be valuing yourself or even like yourself as a person.

This in turn can reduce confidence leading to self-sabotaging behaviours such as avoiding situations or people due to potentially ‘not feeling good enough’.

Self-Esteem can reduce from difficult circumstances such as abuse from someone, ongoing stress, financial difficulty etc.

This is a cycle that can be broken through collaborative therapy.

To Treat

Social Withdrawal- Hostility – Lack of Confidence – Physical Sensations – Lack of Boundaries – People Pleasing – Difficulty Saying No – Not Liking yourself – Not Liking How Your Look – Self Critical Thoughts – Neglecting Wellbeing – Unhelpful Emotions – Avoidance – Discount Successes