Treatment for Depression
8-16 sessions (can vary)
Change the way you think and behave
Deeper Self-Awareness
Discover Root Cause of Problem
Solution Focused

What is Depression and the Symptoms?

Depression can be characterised by a range of mental health problems that can be distinguished by mood changes and the degree of the depression. Depression is a mental state that causes low mood, lack of motivation that may change throughout the day, however you may wake up feeling low again. The severity of depression can change and fluctuate – there is no specifics for ‘significant’ and ‘normal’ depression as this varies for everyone.

People may grown accustomed to being in a sad and negative way daily that they may not even realise that they are depressive as their mind has adjusted to this new way of being.

To Treat

Feelings of Sadness – Lack of Motivation – Low Mood – Difficulty Sleeping – Hypersomnia – Irritability – Loss of Interest and Pleasure – Reduced Appetite – Increased Appetite – Binge Eating -Tiredness – Lack of Energy – Anxiety – Agitation -Restlessness