Cosmetic Surgery Wellbeing

Cosmetic Surgery is becoming an increasingly popular choice to change the physical appearance in body.

Cosmetic Surgery can be a great option to change something physically that can result in you feeling better, boost your confidence and can eliminate discomfort.

Common procedures include a Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Labiaplasty, Abdominoplasty and Aesthetic Treatments.

Whilst the procedure is a physical change, it is important for patients to understand the psychological impact this can have. Before endeavouring on your cosmetic journey, it is important to understand in-depth your motivation and expectations for surgery.

What We Do

Deshara works with cosmetic surgery companies and surgeons to ensure that the patient is safe, there are no underlying mental health difficulties that could cause mental health repercussions and the patient has the best cosmetic surgery experience.

– A cosmetic surgery therapy assessment can help you understand:
– Your motivation for cosmetic surgery
– Preparation for surgery, emotionally, physically, diet and any other lifestyle changes that could be made
– Preparation post-surgery
– Your support network
– Managing expectations
– Understanding what this will change post-surgery

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