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Is your employee absenteeism rate rising due to poor mental health? Your staff are your most important asset so caring for their well-being at work is paramount.

Our service reduces absences and improves mental health. Once the business subscribes, employees can book therapy online and make use of an array of self-help resources.

Each employer is provided with support, guidance and feedback. Reducing waiting times for therapists cuts down on added anxiety and stress – in just 48hrs after completing a clinical questionnaire, staff will be talking to a counsellor or Cognitive Behavioural Therapist via their smartphone. The additional well-being resources cover eighteen categories used within the NHS and come in the form of short videos, podcasts and blogs. Staff will welcome the opportunity to access support when and where they want it.



    We have found that the online platform is very effective in treating students and their mental health. Mental health is becoming more of a problem for children and adolescents, and CAHMS are struggling due to limited capacity to see children, so this resource is very useful to all that are struggling to receive support. The platform provides some excellent content, and the videos have some great information. It is also very easy to navigate and the students being able to choose their therapist is great as well as being accessible 24/7. In summary having access to the platform for students shows a proactive approach to tackling mental health difficulties.


    I've been having counselling with Deshara for nearly a year now, and I cannot express how much she has helped me through my anxiety, depression and self confidence. My parents even say that I seem like a different person! Deshara is a wonderful and caring person and she is so patient and understanding. I feel comfortable, safe and relaxed each session. Going to counselling doesn't seem like a chore, and I'm looking forward to my next sessions with her! I can't thank her enough.


    I started CBT sessions with Deshara after my GP told me I urgently needed CBT for panic disorder but that the NHS waiting list was months long. At the time of my initial call I was regularly unable to get out of bed, couldn't go more than an hour without having a panic attack and wasn't able to do any of the things I usually enjoy. It only took a few months of therapy to change this, Deshara is so kind and easy to speak to and has a no nonsense approach to equipping you with the tools you need to break out of these cycles. It's been 8 or 9 months since my last session with Deshara and I've not had a single panic attack. I can't describe how liberating it is to be able to go and do things like a normal person without being terrified! The words life changing get thrown about very easily but my sessions with Deshara truly were. They changed my life and I'm forever grateful for Deshara's help. Can't recommend her and her practice enough.
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