Body Dysmorphia Disorder

Treatment for Body Dysmorphia Disorder
8 -20 sessions (can vary)
Change Unhelpful Thinking and Behaviours
Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence
Self-Help Tools
Stopping Compulsive Behaviours

What is Body Dysmorphia Disorder

Body Dysmorphia Disorder shares some similarities to an Eating Disorder, however Body Dysmorphia Disorder, the individual has a preoccupation with a minor physical defect that others cannot see.

This can lead to rituals or behaviours that include constantly checking, analysing, or critiquing a part of their body which affects their social, occupational or relationships functioning.

Common areas people may focus on is a body part, such as their stomach, breasts, nose, skin, body weight and hair.

To Treat

Excessive Mirror Checking – Critiquing – Reassurance Seeking- Comparison to Other People – Repeatedly Measuring – Checking – Self Conscious – Anxiety -Repeated Consultations to Improve Look with Cosmetic Surgeons/Doctors – Low Self Esteem – Low Mood – Avoidance Behaviours