Treatment for Addiction
8 -20 sessions (can vary)
Eliminate Impulsive Behaviours
Dismiss Unhelpful Thinking and Behavioural Patterns
Changing False Beliefs
Self-Help Tools
Communications Skills

What is Addiction?

Addiction is an urge that can become uncontrollable to engage in a behaviour that can be particularly harmful. This could be substance misuse (alcohol and drugs), sex, gambling, food, self-harm, shopping, exercise.

When engaging in activities or behaviours that make you feel happy, the brain releases ‘feel good chemicals’. However, if this results into a compulsion and uncontrollable urge to repeat the behaviour despite it’s a consequential outcome on physical, emotional, social, financial impact on lives and also your relationships, then this is an addiction.

To Treat

Impulsive Behaviour – Paranoia – Agitation– Withdrawal –– Repeated Attempts to Quit – Loss of Interest and Pleasure – Cravings – Neglect of Major Roles –Restlessness