Worrying About The Future

Are you constantly thinking about something bad happening in your future? Take a moment to recognise if your mind is living in the future than the present. You may find you are constantly pre-empting future events.



Mindreading is making assumptions on what other people could be thinking. This is a common behaviour with people that suffer with anxiety, more specifically with social anxiety however not limited to.

Examples include assuming people are judging you, worrying that people are thinking negatively of you.

However maybe you are projecting your own judgements of yourself onto other people and think they think the same? This could also be a self-esteem issue.



Fretting or feeling overwhelmed when you must make a decision. This can lead to someone thinking about all of the consequences of their decision that are yet extremely unlikely.


Over Analysing

This could be a small incident or problem and your mind goes into overdrive and constant analysing and catastrophising.


Mental Chatter

This is commonly when your mind is constantly having various fleeting thoughts on different topics or one topic and you cannot stop the thoughts. This can be incredibly overwhelming.

Thought counselling and other modalities of therapy, these difficulties can be stopped and worked through.


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